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We create and publish mobile games for Android and iOS that are played by millions of people all around the world and of all ages. Our goal is to continue making high quality games that are the best in their kind and make our users happy.

Who we are

About us and our team

Toosmart is a Dutch casual game developer situated in Deventer. We are a team of enthusiastic professionals and are continuously improving our games and creating new ones. We work in an open and friendly environment and cherish individual freedom and responsibility. We strongly believe the only way people can be truly creative is if they are enjoying what they do and are proud of what they make. This mindset helps us to create successful and high quality games.




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Work with us?

Jobs, Internships, partners

To be able to create successful games we are working closely with others such as designers, software developers, Google and ad networking companies. We like to give students the possibility to do an internship at our company. Not only programmers, but also marketing students and designers are welcome. Click here if you are a student and would like to take the opportunity to work with us.

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Contact & Support

Location of our Headquarters...

Toosmart B.V.
Buitenom 263, 2711 KB Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

+31 79 341 4450
[email protected]